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Frank Perez is admittedly obsessed with the sun. But this would be easy to guess without his admission: following high school he left the sunlight of the Inland Empire to further his education in the Sunshine State. Then after receiving a film degree from Miami International University, Frank began his career in another sunny locale: Los Angeles.

In the midst of working with film and photography in California, the sunlight and streets of land unknown became a siren call Frank dared not fight. Instead, he brought his camera along to document the people and places he found himself among. It was in Paris, and London, and castles in Prague and in the untamable wildness of Africa that his work evolved; his interest in thematic intersections emerged. Frank’s images now explore unconventional, human convergences: truth and dignity, vulnerability and mystery, gentleness and courage. Even momentary steps into light can be far more terrifying than dwelling in the darkness, he believes, but the beauty offered in every prism far outweighs the fear. So arguably, what he captures best on film, are moments in the sun. Something he realized when he first began shooting as a teenager in the mid 90's. 

Anyone with eyes fixed on the sky, waiting for the best light, must keep careful watch of the clock; so it’s no wonder Frank has a second obsession: the intersection of past and future and their ability to create the trajectory of our lives. He is able to explore this human convergence apart from a lens in his work as CEO of the non-profit, ReWritten.

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